Taraf Anna & Encyclopaedia Sama?? LOL.

Waah, this is my 2O1st post x]

Umm, well, today we had a ceramah about HIV.. Nurses from Pantai College..
It`s quite fun cause people are like really sporting. LAUGHED-A-LOT! :)
But what kind of nurses are they - giving SWEETS as gifts for people who answered their questions??! Merosakkan gigi am I right? LOL.

We played charades too, during English Society. Teach` told us about the trip to the Berry Choc Factory.. yum! I signed up already, & hopefully the fees will be reasonable (:
Ooh I CAN`T WAIT! Free chocolates, maybe? xD

Back to the charades thingie, someone whispers to Person A a word.
Person A had to act out that word to Person B onlyy.
Person B had to write the word on Person C`s back.
And repeat like that until the last person.
 GETIT? Okay!

We had 3 or 4 rounds, I think.
The first word was CALENDAR, & somehow it ended being FLOWER.. WTH?!
I passed on "Earrings"
Second word was DANCE, and this time the last person was correct. Pure good luck! `cause the people before passed on words like "DRINK" etc..LOL.

Third actual word was GIRL.. Ended up being PREFECT! I forgot lo
what I passed on.. DIG, is it? heh

Last round was the funniest. The word was ENCYCLOPAEDIA, became SCHOOLBOOK or
something in the middle and when it was my turn, I passed on KANJANA.. Hahah
HEY, I have a reason for that, okay? Some prefects were talking about names
and when I asked whether it`s a famous name or not, they replied
I didn`t really get what they meant, so just guessed. 
Ha, so I didn`t pay attention =P

Anyway thanks to Felicia the day is kinda saved. From ENCYCLOPAEDIA to DICTIONARY
is considered OK right? And the pengerusi asked "What`s KANJANA?" and the 
tuan punya nama balas "Oh it`s my name.." 

Tomorrow - INJECTION. I don`t care about it. LIFE GOES ON.
So what? it`s for your own good anyway. WHO CARES.
Peacee =P

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