Today`s Episode : Cows meet Nenek meet Acting.

Yesterday yesterday, the new PJK teach` warned us,
 "If you are late more than 5 mins, you have to lari around the padang, OKAY!" 
So today is doom`s day. NOTT! She herself was absent.. and y`know,
 we went from class down to the field/canteen area to the bilik persalinan to the
 dewan .. JUST TO FIND HER. basically everywhere you`ll find a 
PJK teach not having place to do SEGAK
Then we had to change into our uniforms. 

Funny thing is, Anna said that we, the 3A girls ke hulu ke hilir 
looked like a herd of COWS! LOL! Trying to find grass at the
 tapak perhimpunan  or "Cement grass" (OK, I added that). 
And "Here comes the rest of the herd!" LOLOLOL. 

At the bilik persalinan, she said my hair looks like a nenek`s ..
Summore I`m wearing glasses. ARGH. Whatever.

Free period during PSV. And best of all, Pn Azura
our beloved 2A Science teach` - was the relief teacher! YAY! 
When she first came in, some people said "We miss you teacher!",
smiling & thrilled. Yeah, me too. "I miss you too," teach` replied. :))

OK, tomorrow we have this SVK "acting thingie"
The bermasalah girl or guy in the "situation" sounds a lot like me. But I know, 
surely there`s a star among 18 of us. And it`s not me, great! 
I`ll get to be the extras! I think.
Maybe, KZY? :D hehee or the guys? Hm.

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