Aku yg tau pasal tu, ko x tanya. Org lain yg x tau yg ko pergi tanya. Aku nak tolong pun, korang buat dunnoe je. Macam lahh aku ni batu yang takde perasaan.
You guys make me feel invisible. Sampai hati korang .. !
Shasha je yang baik dgn aku.. Thanks, Shasha :)


Why do people keep guessing Anna is the mentor - and NOT me?! OH WAIT, I know. `cause I don`t look like I have the leadership skills, EH! I don`t know how many teachers have said this. So! I discussed with Anna if she`d like to FOOL the teachers by saying she`s the one. I`ll do all the work, she gets the credit. I don`t mind cuhs I`m quite a low-profile person. TOO BAD, they don`t agree. Chan keeps saying "We`ll make you more noticeable!" :x

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