Childhood Memories Pt.1

Suddenly this idea popped outta my head so I`m giving this a go ^^

Kindergarten Times ;;  [sounds like a newspaper LOL]

I got 100 for all subjects in an exam :D 5 years old, I think! I went home and was impatient to tell Ummi the good news. She was in the bathroom =P

And then during a Hari Anugerah cemerlang, I forgot what no. I got but I remembered my friend`s - no.6 and she got a tweety thingie toy. I told Ummi that I was jealous =P 

My friends back then was Sabrina, Ain, Umi Syakila, Afifah, Qistina, Nana, Erin, Najwa, Balqis, Suraya and Noraidah, is it? LOL That`s all the names I can remember. :x

And I went for this trip to Zoo Negara & we ate bihun + nuggets for lunch. Yumm. Near the aquarium ;) I also remember the hippo under the bridge.. Lol. And before we were off, Ummi & my back then lil bro, Naim came rushing to give me bread with strawberry jam as bekal.. Aww.. how sweet. But I malu-malu to ambik =P But I did la. It`s the THOUGHT that counts! :D

Standard One ;; 
My transport to school was a bus drove by Mak Cik Baayah. 
She labeled me as "cengeng" =P I once muntah-ed in her bus, er.. 
There`s one time where I was about to board the bus but some FAT guy (senior, I guess) bumped into me. I fell to the ground, knees slightly bleeding and my seluar sukan koyak at that part. DRATS. and I cried :(

And Najwa challenged me to spell her name - I wrote Najuwa, she shook her head. Then I wrote Najwa, and she still shook her head. Whatla.. :x 

And there`s this girl named Puteri, we sat beside each other during an exam, and she asked me for answers. I geleng kepala but she threatened to tell teacher that I use 
HB pencil instead of 2B. So I agreed. I was sooo stupid! 
AND y`know what, she & I both got no.4 in that exam! Not fair! 
Not fair! I hate you Puteri!

I`ve got loads more to tell but I`ll stop here for now. Happy? ;)

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