Dear Bloggie, You are my only friend.

I was alone for 4 freaking hours right after perbarisan. No one approached me (except 1 or 2 peeps, accidentally) & I approached no one. Stupid sports day. Never going there again. EVER.
 What I did? Nothing actually. Wasting time only.  Just at the canteen & jalan2. Eat, draw, sleep - ALONE.
At least my Fs took care of my bag. I thought they would just leave it there during my perbarisan thingie. Apesal la aku ni buruk sangka sangat. Ish..

I also saw Pn Maizatul. :D She saw me too & smiled.

Uhh. The food :

Milo (nicee)
Gardenia`s milky choc bun (forgot the name)
Mineral water
Choc coins (looks like Beryl`s)
Nano Nano (I think x halal oh.. so thrown it)
Some Indon-made choc sticks (can`t find halal sign, dah buang)
Mi goreng

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