Do You Know What It`s Like ..

.. to be in a debate? To talk about issues.. with full confidence..
Eventhough it seems.. like it`s so hard to do. I have to believe in my motion, it`s the only waaaaaay.

Sing it like you mean it, to the beat of "This is Me" by Demi Lovato from Camp Rock. I changed the lyrics a bit lahh. Hope you don`t mind? xD

So yeahh, during English Society we had an informal F-U-N debate. I`m a first timer, mind you! My group consisted of Chan, Marn Yee, some 2 guys & moi. The experience was.. remarkable. Just so special. I guess there`s a first time for everything, eh! Seriously, the topic is so so WEIRD! :x And, and.. I was the first person to start @@

Our team, the governmenties [AKA Penyokong] WON! Wooohooo thanks to Marn Yee`s outspoken personality topped off with her outstanding points and debating skills ! And perhaps to me, `cause I POI-ed [ point-of-information = something you say when you want to interrupt the opposition`s speech & vice versa ] a lot of time and the opposition-er [ AKA Pembangkang ]  kept ignoring `em, she didn`t even say "Accept" or "Decline" so probably her group`s mark was deducted because of that ?? :D haha. Actually both groups were sorta equally not-impressive. :(

All of us received constructive comments from the 3 judges, all were Form 5s, the teacher-in-charge who is you-know-who just left us like that the whole time.. WHATTHEPOTATO??! 

Speaking of potatoes, Ms Lim brought some potatoes for Science to clarify to us that "THIS IS A STEM" but the students replied "NO, THAT`S A POTATO!" and it went over and over again :D HAHAHHA. When she was about to say "THIS IS CALLED...", she accidentally dropped the potato and it hit Hwey Xien`s shoulder. "OOOOOOHHH.. " teacher exclaimed. So, does that mean.. the potato`s name is "OOOOOOOOHHH"?! LOL :P

Ouch! I pity her lahh. Seriously. All she obtains are teachers` saliva & stuff -- BAD STUFFS. The consequences of sitting in front. OOH, I`m sitting right behind her! I hope -- I`m not the next victim :x

-- Minus all the homeworks for tomorrow :P --

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