I`m at the BACK -- Again !

The title says it all :'(

"I.. I mean, WE... DECLINE your POI, TMY !" - Moi
"Stop being so cheeky!" - TMY
"We`ll think about it." - Unknown
"Haneenah, I know you wanna sit infront.. hehe" - TYY 
"Tell.. honestly, from your pure heart. You want to sit infront or here??" - KS
"I`m starting to like sitting here lahh.." - KS
"I can`t see the whiteboard! Ugh..." - LHX 
"I better jaga my eyes from now on." - CYC
"My uh.. power need to increase ah.. " - HCH 

Let`s see how this "phenomena" ends LOL :D 
I bet ACB will be shouting at us this Friday.. WHY YOU CHANGE.. WHY..WHY..?
And will the 1A change the tables after ALL THAT HARD WORK!?
Hope not. Or else they`re gonna get it. Not from me, from someone else lahh =P 
Dear friends in other classes, fyi 3A is a mess now. Take a peek at our class during rehat xD 
 SERIOUSLY, we`re giving you a chance to win KELAS TERBERSIH, okay! LOL.

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