Majlis Pengiktirafan Thingie.

A few policemen came :O ... as tetamu kehormat lahh, not launching an attack on us LOL :D
As usual, boring speeches come first. I even slept y`know? Kindaa. x)

After those dreadful moments, was the actual certificate + gift receiving ceremony to the newly-appointed prefects, monitors, asst. monitors & the likes ..  Weirdly, it was quite interesting to me x) I sat straight to watch, unlike most people..

Anna was absent. :'( I can`t be selfish, she must have a logical reason behind it.

Every time one of my kenalans "hopped" on stage, I started talking to myself & smiling; feeling rather happy & proud of `em.  It went something like, "Heyy.. that`s my friend! Ooh ooh! Dania, Sharina.. Wow.. Congrats!" as if, they could really really hear me. NOTT! :P

And that`s my story for today, I guess. Eventhough Anna`s absence was clearly felt, it STILL is a good day, Alhamdulillah :D

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