Saturday is not supposed to be aye SCHOOL DAY.

TOO BAD, it was. 
Some peeps were absent, perhaps they`d predicted 
there would be not much happening, surely!
First period was Sejarah - the new teach` - just copied 
some notes. AND she kept reminding us about the folio!

Suddenly, Mrs you-know-who said "OK you can go to recess now," during BI.
It`s only 9.50am.. Wth is going on? I just rushed down & accidentally met my AG 
friends at the surau, waiting for the ustazah. WAIT, I thought it was ~ Oh, darn. 
I got it all wrong! I rushed back upstairs to get my AG books but the class was locked
Just had to bear the Ustazah`s scary face then, or so I thought
She didn`t came also.. And it was REALLY recess time.. Buat penat je. :'(
but it was fun exercising :D

Up next was BM with Pn Thye. We answered questions from an 
exercise book, say like, a mini-test? I had to take those exercise books 
from her room and Anna-who-always-help-with-these-stuff didn`t come. 
No choice, I had to carry them with all my might. Considering that I`m a G-I-R-L
it`s quite an achievement for me =P

A few mins before she went out, she told me  to gantikan her 
place for a sec.. to jot down all the marks. GULP. So, does this mean I have to 
say all the names of girls & boys in our class, and look at them.. and ask them 
again "WHAT...?" since I can`t hear really well from far [that, or they`re
the ones who were whispering..] . It was dreadful. Sometimes I sound corny, 
or husky.. or just plain weird. I even pronounced some people`s 
name wrong! UGH.  When I got back to my seat, I asked for YV`s 
opinion regarding that. "Maybe `cause you didn`t talk much before.." =='

One more thing, I also called my ABSENT classmates` names.. 
WTPOTATO?! As if I know nothing that`s happening around me =='

AND, no one in this school told me [or knew] that we`re gonna
go home at 12.30pm! I thought 1pm. So there was a 
LOOOONG queue of students at the public telephone. 
First, this rude girl just potong our line [heh, doesn`t mean if 
your friend was using it, u can just use it after her, and you just popped 
outta nowhere! Insane indeed]. SECOND, this 
younger guy just potong the barisan [eventhough his friend 
said DON`T!], and he didn`t even say THANK YOU
Boy, was YV mad..

Do you see it now, why Saturday isn`t the perfect day to attend school? ;D 

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