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I`ve been perbarisan-ing all my life, like seriously. I normally walk like that. Especially with my tumbler so um.. I`m pretty stable I guess ;D Walking fast, so no wasting time ! Unless of course, you`re walking with a very slow-walking friend .. well that`s another thing.
I wore my school uniform AKA baju kurung to kawad kaki >.<  The only one, man.. My only good pair of baju sukan is still "tired" from yesterday`s SEGAK.. Lol 
I wanted to bring my other pants but have to be paired with baju kurung. 
WEIRD.Glad I didn`t even bring it ! 


Today was the Svk acting thingie. LOLOLOLOLOL.. Good job ZY & the bullies! And oh, the guru disiplin also! You know who you are :D I`m just the boring old narrator, which is still a good position to me, `cause I don`t have the flair to act & I might worsen the drama (Been there done that).


Science teacher didn`t come it today! Yipppppeeeeeeeeee! OK, not hating her but idk lately..
Anyways, we still had to pass up our PEKA. I pasted only the first & second day`s growth of beans. Left the 3rd day empty :x InshAllah hati dia terbuka utk bagi kitorg 2nd chance sbb hantar x lengkap.. Amin.


Since after rehat, this stomach ache is killing me ! Is this what you call senggugut? Never had it, never will. Amin. Ummmm.. maybe this is the first time in weeks I`ve ate something heavy for recess. Idk. Any advice? (:

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