Today has been Amazing.

First thing in the morning, things started to kick out at the assembly.
In conjuction with the Maths & Science month, 6 of my classmates did a 
"Magnet Fashion Show" - they grooved to the limit, man 
(while holding huge fake cardboard magnets, of course)
One guy was shaking his butt here and there. And he`s one 
of those nerds (not so much now, aye)! LOLOL The girls are like control cun
but quite OK la, twisting around.. & stuff.

It is then the time for thee "Magnet Short Story" 
- Two bar magnets (AKA guys) trying to "attract" one round magnet 
(is it? I think so - played by Sandy). Just to show the properties of magnet, 
which by the way, is opposite attracts! :D I was laughing the whole time, 
even when they didn`t do something funny until tears came 
out of my eyes! Now can you just imagine 
how FUNNY it is? Yes ah? :DD

Later, we had the Sports Day rehearsal. Mostly just the perbarisan 
& performances. Yeahh. Very panas ohh.. Tomorrow another rehearsal again. D; 
Technically this doesn`t count as the "amazing" things. 

Moving on, we literally interviewed our own BM teacher! Because of the assignment
she dumped on us -  the headmistress retiring *kononnya*. Well, it did inspired us to write something.
I didn`t pass up yet, bak kata Felicia "If you want a good karangan, you can`t have 
pressure and you need time." BTW, Anna created one of the schools` name 
- SMK Siput! LOLOLOLOLOL!! I copied, y`know, but added 
SMK Siput Selatan ! HAHAHA

So umm.. I don`t really know actually why today is "amazing". It just is ;)

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