Awesome day :D

Truth to be told, I didn`t even knew there was gonna be a 
raptai Hari Anugerah Cemerlang today until they announced it 
TODAY, right before the event. 
Blurr, I guess? =='

Well, moi got highest for AG.. 98% ! :D 
This counts as my 2nd time getting on stage at this prestigious school. 
Yupp. On stage, I bowed BEFORE they even call my name AND courtesy-ed
too fast when I took the prize.. OH EMBARRASSING. Tell me about it. 
Then I ran off to the back stage, where I didn`t knew I shouldn`t have 
gone. Whatever~

The performances in between was alright. The Malay dance was kind
of boring. GOOD NEWS -- Nadia told me that they`re gonna change it. Yay! 
Up next was the Chinese Fan Dance, it was the actual SAME movements
I`ve seen before -- be it CNY, Hari Kokurikulum, Hari etc etc etc :'[ 

The most AWESOME dance was the Indian Bollywood-Hollywood dance
YOU SHOULD`VE SEEN IT! :D They wore white tees + white
pants + the Miss-world-kind-of-banners that said RELIGIOUS
TV, INTERNET, H.PHONE, PMR-8As, LOVE etc. Different people different banners. They were all girlies, except Mohanesh. He could really really
dance, and he`s so so small! And he looks tres` cool with 
jeans + shirt + sunglasses! They danced, jumped here jumped there.. 
The music was energetic as well! OH Y`KNOW, the common
dance styles that you see in 
Bollywood movies ^^

Moving on to RECESS,
Otw to the stairs, I heard someone called Haneenah so I turned around.
It was HX, CH & YE. They looked surprised indeed! Then they told me
they were shouting like mad "PENGUIN! PENGUIN! CARROT! CARROT!" 
until everyone including a prefect thought they were cuckoo! LOL 
But when CH called Haneenah softly, I quickly turned around 
- THAT`s why they`re surprised.
FYI, Carrot & Penguin are my nicknames :D No one has ever called me 
those names before so I`m quite surprised myself! haha. 

Summore HX joked that she had to tahan her air muka [embarrassed!]
so she asked me for some water. What for? Confused? Yeah. She replied, 
"To put air muka lah!" LOLOL. :D

BM teach` gave me some new namelists for the groups since it changed
already. I told 3 groups what they ought to do with it, but not the other two
groups.. Which mostly consists of guys. I asked Anna, Chan.. even HX to 
help me give them but they insisted. "You said you want to improve 
your social skills right?" "Gambateh!" "Just stand up!" Finally I just jotted
down the msg and asked HX to let `em read & understand.. 
You think I`m too too too SHY ah?!  

After the last meeting of Permainan Dalaman, I waited.. and waited.. 
and waited for more than 1 hour >.< Well I wasted half and hour 
watching some peeps playing teng-teng.. 
Looks fun! (: 
And 1 hour and 10 mins later, she finally fetched me. And picked 
up some SKPBP2 & SMKPBP1 students also [including my bro & sisters]
We were 2nd last to go home. And here I am now.. 
Telling you all these :D

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