Just listen to my babbles, okay? I give candies xP

Okay. I finally, finally, finally.. 

I stayed up all night doing it, colouring etc. It was hand-written, fyi.
Later after I finished only I realized that I forgot to put the `takbir raya` as upacara khusus =='
Camne plak boleh lupa benda PENTING tuu. Lantaklah~
Note-to-self: BIND IT, BIND IT.. TOMORROW. 

Starting from today onwards, Naik van :'( Tunggu punyalah lamaa.. Sampai nak kat pukul 2pm.. InshaAllah bukan everyday camni. Amin.
Laa, rupanye kak Shafiqah & sibs naik dengan Cik Ina jugak. 
What aye coincidence ;-) haha.

I menyerah diri to Chan lahh.. I finally admitted that I was feeling rather sleepy during Maths cuhs I didn`t slept the night before [that darn folio!]. And behold, our nicknames;;

Anna - Goldfish [her eyes!]
LHX - Pumpkin [her hair]
Me - Penguin [dunnoe why, haha] <3
HCH - Panda [used to be pistachio =P ]
CYE - Octopus [kind-of, her namee]
CSN - Ladyfingers [mm..] 
CYC - OH, SORRY ! [Sc teach` slang] I forgot. :P  

~ for our mentor-mentee group thingie, saje saje. Quite funny la ~
However, I feel rather odd calling them with plants / animal names. :x

And plus, I`m quite terharu. The situation;

BI teach` changed our seats [according to class  position - NOT aye smart move, OKAY] , and then we changed back. We were all dissatisfied. 

Two friends : I want Haneenah!
Me : But there got Marn Yee.. Smart lahh.
Two friends : But not as friendly as you!
Me : *thinking - WHOA, I`m friendly?!* Thank you!


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