Treasure Hunters for the day.

That`s us, fyi - Chan, Angel, SW and Hannah AKA me - 
we were short of one, huhu. :x The first thing we did was grabbing a 
stone under a few plastic cups to start the hunt.  Then J gave the 
first clue which was --- "sand near the cabin" --- which meant near the 
newly-built 5A & 5B class. So.. everyone ran, and we were like, stunned. 
Whaddaya expect we were in skirts - ALL of us! @@

SW found the first clue, so thanks! --- somewhere in the sand. 
It said "Orders, please!" How easy can this get? CANTEEN lahh dei.
This time Chan found it, UNDER A TABLE.. WOW-ish! "Slam Dunk!" 
We approached N, and he gave us a task --- shoot some hoops
3 to be exact. Let`s say the first person scored 1 goal, but the next 
person didn`t --- So, START ALL OVER AGAIN. Haih >.< Thanks to 
Angel & SW, mostly! Summore worse, N accidentally hit my 
head with the basketball WTH?! And the next team was Mandy`s, 
they had to wait for us to get the 3 goals --- and trust me, it was a LONG
time. We just slowed them down *wink,wink* haha.

Next clue was "I`m needed but unwanted" --- 
thee most hated clue. IT GOT US STUCK! Surely it`s on the dustbin.. 
Every group`s was there except our group`s.. Maybe it flew away, on a 
perfect Summer`s day LOL :P We even sacrificed 3 MINS to get a hint from S.
And when she said "CANTEEN", we rolled our eyes. Then it started raining. S and
the other organizers told us to STOP, DROP and ROLL TO THE LOBBY.. haha

I feel guilty. I`m the "leader", and yet, I haven`t done much. Chan has more
leadership than me. AND she could care less about us losing, 
"It`s just a game.." I wish I was more like her. 

And then the partaaay. Domino pizzas & carbonated drinks. 
I had to eat the pineapples. ==' To cover up that I`m not much 
of aye sayur-eating person. WAIT, pineapple is a fruit! Whatever~
1st Place Winner : Mohanesh`s group
2nd Place Winner : Anna`s group


I wanted Anna to be in our group, but I can`t force her. It`s
her choice. Plus she has her friends there. Lantaklah.

I`d like to say a huge thanks, to:

the creative organizers, for this fun and torturous treasure hunt 
[bak kata Mandy..]

my groupies, you`ve all been so nice and cooperative.. ;-)
 and who`ve  helped us randomly like that indian kid,
Shasha, Fatihah.. etc.

THANK YOU, once more.
Have a nice day!

P.S. The peanut butter stain was a sign.. haih >.<
and we were in the red team. Forgot to mention that :x

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