Back to School UN-COOL! + Hijab Stylin`

My mid-term results so far : 2As 3Bs .. The worst I`ve ever gotten in my sekolah menengah life y`know! OK, maybe not but I can`t recall my form 1 results T.T (I bet it`s wayy better)
Highest so far is my English. My lowest is Maths. Dang.
Nevermind, chaiyok! Chaiyok! I still have PMR :D xPP

And since Imma wearing the tudung that have-been-sewed-over-and-over-at-the-neck-part-but-still-tercabut, so I wore a brooch and it was damn tight! Felt like choking, muntah-ing :P Summore I lipat the bahagian atas & people told me I looked like a weirdo. WEIRD~  hehe

An old-but-kinda-new girl came into my class today. "Pelajar tumpang". Quite surprised, actually. She looked like baik but I dunnoe la .. I feel kinda guilty for leaving her by herself during AG time.. Hope she doesn`t think Im sombong or somethin`.. As y`know, Im not much of a speaker myself. CEHH. I didn`t quite get her name also. Nurul- something :P

Moving on to BM period, we had to do this essay about Gaya Hidup Sihat Tanpa Dadah -- A COMPETITION! But they didn`t say what prizes we`d get if we win .. Or else I`d really write it bagus2.. :P Honestly, I think my 1st two paragraphs were great but the rest .. hentam saje! Out of time, man! And instead of 6-7 paragraphs, I did 4 xP 

OKAY. Enough `bout school. Let`s talk fashion! I <3 this hijab tutorial by Amenakin :

 I actually tried it however it wasn`t the exact style. Quite happy with the results :

                  The original style with minor adjustments ...
                           (The pink thingie is a cardigan that I just pulled over)

                                            Added a shawl to get that hoodie look ..

                                               I like this :P

                                                Wonder what Im staring at? :x

                                                   The shawl`s not behaving itself.. hence,
                                                      the `messiness` x)

                                               I love this.. Yes, it`s blown by the fan !
                                                          Nice effect huh :D

That`s all.. Tata !

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