Excuses if you please!

Salaam & hi :)
Long time no writin` ! Seriously, it`s not `cause of exam & all but .. but.. but.. I`ve LOST THE MOOD TO BLOG! Plus I have nothing to blog about anymore [cehh.. ayat standard]. Well, maybe, I do but can`t think of it :P

Ever since I joined FB, I became ADDICTED.  Even when exam time y`know?! That`s one of the reason for my no-blogging-mood also. I just update my stats every now and then .. Stalk, stare at boring pages when I should be STUDYING ! Like.. when I started studying Maths at 11pm and the exam is on the next day :O  Aiyaa let`s skip that part .. Weirdly enough , most of my friends exclaimed that it was HARDDD.. Really? For me, not that hard. Dunnoe ler, check the result ler..

                                                         New FB profile pic xD

UMM.. I should probably make a to-do list for this mid-term hols. Unlike the previous March hols, I procrastinated to even MAKE the list until the last day of the hols.. So, nevermind la.. Forgive me ! >.<

Let`s start the list already !

1. Sivik folio = Find recipes, huraian etc D;
2. House chores T.T
3. Read some books, will ya ! 
4. Less time on FB ..
5. Kelas tambahan for PMR candidates [Ya ya.. I`m coming..]
6. Play with my baby bro -- Ashraf !
7. Kemas bilik
8. Experiment with stuff in my wardrobe [and Ummi`s too!]
9. Shopping --? I hope it`s a dream come true.
10. ------- reserved for something else that`s FUN -----------

Great ..  that`s settled ! Happy Holidays , PEOPLE ! :D
P.S. I wonder if anyone actually READS my blog or else Im just talking to myself..
The only place I can talk to a computer & NOT look like a dummy !

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