Gatherings? Nu-uh.

Every time there`s hols, my class would have aye gathering(s) -- 
Skating at Sunway previously & now at a Japanese restaurant. Sure, it`s so
so F-U-N to hang out with your friends, overcoming boredom during hols but 
they takpe la, so kaya ..

I once read a friend`s blog, she said RM80++ also not enough for ONE
gathering, skating + eating etc. Y`know what? The most cash I brought with me 
was during the Year 6 Penang trip, just RM50+ .. and the ONLY outing I`ve been 
out to is with Fatin, her sis & her sis` friend during Form1 @ IOI.. Just brought 
RM30, purchased some bracelets & files that`s all.

So probably I have money probs.. OK look, I have 6 sibs now, I can`t even go
shopping nowadays because of tight budget & do you expect me to spend my parents` 
money to go on ONE outing?! I rather wait for Genting ! Or or.. go with my family !
2nd of all is the halal issue .. If I`m a `worthy` friend to care about, they`d care about the halal issue but I`m not. What to do..

And and and, it`s a class gathering. A class consists of gals AND guys.
Not sure if my parents would allow me to go if there`s guys.. Plus, I`m not really close to some of the girls.. Scared I`d be an outcast.. D;

Oh wait. One more thing. My outfit. Eventhough the Genting trip is still so far away, I`m already considering what to wear. Not too modern, not too kampung-ish.. And not fake. If I like wearing the kain baju kurung sekolah, I`LL WEAR IT ! With something else of course. 

Uhh.. So many stuff to think about.. Stuff that I`m not even involved in. FUHGETABOUTIT! 
P.S. Sorry sorry & no offense to anyone who terasa by this post ~ On the bright side I don`t think anyone ever reads this blog anyway, except for me, that is. 

Well BLOGGIE, I hope you consider me as a BFF eventhough I left you for a couple of weeks..

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