Girls` Day Out :DD Yes-ter-day!

This time it`s with my grandma, aunts, sisters & cousin. ALL GIRLIES ! (:
Headed for IOI, but my sisters & I just went there on Tuesday for Abah`s birthday.. But we went there anyway :D

Initially we just wanted to um, WINDOW SHOPPING?? but turned out to be a REAL SHOPPING SPREE..

First we went into Popular. Bought books, the usuals -- Sarah & Senduk !

Laterr, stepped into the Reject Shop, at first I wasn`t really myself cause was searching for clothes really SLOWLY and shyly?!.. :L Suddenly I searched for clothes with high speed.. Ehh.. not nice.. SKIP! ish.. UGLY.. SKIP! and so on.. :D Yeahh, I`m a fast shopper. heheh

I found this flowery-kinda vintage hoodie. About rm40 with 30% off. So.. YAY ;D My aunts also chose some shirts. But I insisted we hold these first, and see in other shops whether there is some other stuff we might choose over these.

And with that, we set off to the Jusco clothes section. Maksu was like; ONE TWO THREE GOOO!! Hahah. Took quite a long time there eventhough I was on my HIGHEST speed ! :x Ended up buying a cyan tunic with the price of rm29. Bargain, no? :) I realised accessories are really expensive nowadays..
Thought about buying wedges, but NAHH..

I decided to buy that flowery hoodie in the reject shop. Otw, Makndak insisted we stopped at another shopp. After loads of belek-belek(ing), I bought a tudung ekin for rm20. Quite nice ohh the pattern !

 Upon our return to the reject shop.. OMG WHERE`S THE HOODIE?! It`s the only white one left and and and.. CAN`T FIND IT ANYWHERE. The salesperson was also like stupid. We asked this hoodie got other colours or not? And she just geleng kepala, without saying anything, without a smile. WTH! I SAY, Im smarter than ya OKAY. I was almost gonna cry, guess I really fell in love with it.. :P

Alhamdulillah jumpa gak. Kat tempat org 'reject' baju yg dorang dah try :P I still bought it ! ;D
 Then we ate @ Pizza Hut [:

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