The BM Thingie. (:

Last Tuesday, 2 of my classmates & I were selected for this BM lisan thingie (kinda like the pentaksir). OK, so I memorized the Hikayat Mat Jenin`s synopsis already & Alhamdulillah it went well (: Fyi, I *ehem*ehem* a lot between paragraphs.. LOL :DD

Subsequently he asked some unexpected questions like "Apakah 2 pengajaran daripada cerita ini?" so calmly! CUAK GWA.. NO ONE TOLD BE THERE`S GONNA BE EXTRAS!! Trying to stay calm, I just hentam-ed everything that I mentioned in the synopsis such as :

Berusaha dengan gigih & mendengar nasihat orang-orang tua (His grandpa`s advice) with abit of elaboration but y`know what? At the end of both points I repeated "Lalu berjaya dalam hidup..." =_=' And then the pentaksir added, "Itu saja kah?" Dang!!

I`m kinda jealous at my guy friend.. His extra questions were sorta like "Do you like animals?" "What type of animals would you make a pet & why?" SEE?! HOW EASY IS THAT!

On the other hand, Marn Yee also received the same question as me... You should pity us girls lahh.. haih.. >.<

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