Just Some Pointers for Today`s Episode. :D

Yah, my LIFE episode :D hehee

Assimilate = Asimilasi ?! >3< What a stupid answer. UH, BOOKS.. :PP
Actual meaning of assimilate = I did some research; there were a few meanings depending on the sentences.. So kinda confused now. :| Can someone explain, please ?

Do I LOOK that lemah-lembut ?! I`m NOT. I`m SOO NOT. If only you guys can see me at home, well, let the fainting begin ! LOL x) 
It should be a good thing, right? Being all girly instead of all tomboy-ish?! However I want to be in the middle. OK, maybe a bit to the girly side, but still, IN THE MIDDLE. Am I too sensitive? O__O

HAHA, t`was FUN playing jatuhkan-June-punya-tupperware .. :D Sorry June !! :X

"Mai Gawd.." I kept saying that, quitely of course, starting from GEO period. But I forgot what it was for, LOL :P Perhaps because teach` said that some veges / fruits / chicken / fish has ubat in `em to keep fresh. MAI GAWD.. You see? Again ! o__o

We didn`t learn much during AG period `cause all the mentors had a meeting until masa balik. Some that were not even mentors had to come also. So, there was only 6 boys & 4 girls left.  Then, teach` asked the guys to carry boxes full of bottles to the school cooperation for tomorrow`s Isra` Mikraj I guess.. And that`s when I grabbed my chance to ask teach` about fashion - the tudung sekolah etc etc. Quite fun, like a girls` only discussion. Guess what, IT WAS! x) We also helped her arrange some books, my my, they were loads of `em!

Dang. I left my stapler in class when I borrowed it to my friend. UHH.. I hope she remembers & keeps for me until tomorrow.. 

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