A Week Has Passed By.

And I`ve got some news (good AND bad) to tell ya!

Sir/Madam.. when are ya gonna come to school anyway?! I memorized the Ayat Hafazan & PAFA already ~ since a LOOOONG time ago! InshaAllah the Quran reading would be fine, Amin. But really. You better come before I`m having my ___________! Or else .. find someone else to be my substitute `cause I won`t be able to read it, y`know?

I have no idea how this thing started.. Anna & Chan has been calling themselves Mahatma Gandhi & Chin Peng ever since! LOL! And I`m.. well, Dato Onn Jaafar =.=' HX is now Tun H.S. Lee .. Thaniks to Sejarah T3! :L

Yesterday. The big day. Initially it was BORINGGG ! I brought my homeworks but everyone else didn`t so I didn`t do `em at all.. Hehee x) Just read books for NILAM, & talk talk talk.. At the good part of the talk, my dad came to take the report card.. Owhh.. :( And afterwards, Dad met his PIBG friends, plus the pengetua was talking to him about something :O Soo.. I hid behind those pillars, her face was scary! I don`t want her to know my name OR my face! lol.

While waiting for the van to pick me up at the school bus stop, I saw these 2 huge groups of samsengs.. One of them got a knife in his hand and looked like was about to kill (or gaduh with) someone :O Wani & me went a few steps back, SCARED! Summore I saw this one guy, his neck has a few lines of cuts & was bleeding but he walked like nothing was happening. GOSH THINKING ABOUT THIS MAKES ME SCARED! Infront of the school summore! Aiyaa..

Another one? SHEESH. It`s about adat resam kaum India (our group`s) & thank God there`s some info in the textbook. My job is to draw simple sign cards (or whatever you call it, forgot :P) that you switch from time to time based on your explanation or.. like, like.. KARAOKE! She dumped it on us today, and expect us to present it next Monday. FIRST PERIOD SUMMORE! :( Well, that`s where Facebook comes in x)

I`ve been eying this maxi dress; black with pink flower details, it`s so lovely.. And also a harem-boyfriend-like jeans from another online store. And also, the most anticipated buttonless black cardigan. I WANNA BUY.. Abah, bagi la akak beli... Guna duit akak sendiri tau.. Boleh la.. 

That`s all for now. Thanks for reading :DD

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