Weekly School Newspaper, 08.07.10

The editor is.. moi! 

The journalist is .. moi!
The photographers/photostealerz .. moi! x)
Etc etc etc .. moi!
Everything is MOI`s job-- Why ah? Cause well, this is MY blog aka MY NEWSPAPER. 8D
I call it .. THE NEWSPAPER. :DD
Hope that didn`t shocked you or something` .. hehee

Let`s welcome Wani & Grace to 3A! Yep, they`re the so-called "newcomers" =D Enjoy your stay! hehee

OK, so teach` changed our sitting positions again - PREDICTABLE. And now our group is bertaburan already D: I`m not aye mentor anymore, however I could care less about that.

BUT BUT BUT.. Honestly, my new group is "DEAD" - kinda. 4 out of 6 people are quite peeps, even the mentor himself. So, AIYAA.. D: Usually during free periods, our group tables are EMPTYY.. 

Loads of groupies went to other groups to chit-chat & so on.. including me >.< Sorry to say this point; I just had to let it out! I miss my old groupies.. They were so lively!

We were supposed to present something for Civics on Tuesday, and we prepared the props/scripts etc already.. but that first group took SOO long to present theirs! And then MASA HABIS D: Next week lah, alamatnya, I hope.

Furthermore, there`s this one time where.. HAHAHAHAHA Umm, I became an UNDERCOVER SPY.. YEAH 8D Teach` went in the class, dumped some h/w on us & went out for something.. And that`s when I went into action, to complete my MISSION ~ which is to pass up my essay book (`cause I didn`t last week xP) I stood up, headed towards Wani who was sitting near teach`s table, kinda whispering-asking, "Did teach  brought the essay books with her just now?" (Or something like that) She looked confused. So I left her there. Walked to teach`s table in the class, and thank God the books were still UNMARKED under her files :DD So I just inserted my book in between (to NOT raise suspicions. `cause maybe she could`ve REMEMBER whose book was at the top!)

Afterwards, she gave back all the essay books, still UNMARKED. Buat ,penat aku je jadi UNDERCOVER SPY =_=' Yeah, a "spy" in a baju kurung ! HAHA

That`s all I guess. Bye bye x) 
P.S. Jealousy sometimes take control of me. I hate it.

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