Well, tbh, the first time I heard that shortform was on Stardoll. I need a dolly website to show me the real world outside, LOL ;D And I never really knew what it meant. OK, so it`s "Sorry.." and then---? What does the Z stand for? Who knows! Who cares! :X

So yeahh, SORRY. Haven`t posted anything in my blog for ages (ayat skema!!) .. IF, anyone ever reads this little blog anyway. Anyone wanna help me clean all these spider webs?? haha :D

A LOT of things happened lately. Like, idk.. THE PMR TRIAL?! :O I`ll post whole result later, you`ll see. Summore I`m like bored of blogging `cause it`s all FB this, FB that nowadays =.=" I super duper salute my friends like Ifa & Alicia who just, well, NEVER STOPS BLOGGING !! :D

Uh. Selamat menyambut Ramadhan?! Eeks, too late I guess >.< Something funny happened today. ZY was asking a few friends including me to attend Alicia`s & Panda`s bdae party on Friday (Idk when, don`t ask me!)   But suddenly Chan interrupted, "EH, she puasa lah!" I was like, "OH yeah.. I am fasting. DOPE!" hahahaha..

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June said...

I do read your blog ! :D