*PMR Trial Results* + my 'real' PMR testimony

I had the trials waay back in August, but y`know, busy busy me. Haha, busy la sangat. & fyi, PMR`s like, over now. On with the results :

Malay - 85 A
English - 90 A
Maths - 72 B
Science - 75 B
History - 83 A
Geography - 87 A
Life Skills [ERT] - 90 A
Pend. Islam - 81 A

Overall 6A2B. And my class position is 13/41 .. OK le tu..
Alrightie. Up next, MY PMR testimony ;

BM 1 - Okay okay la. I just hope that I`ll get 30+ !
BM 2 - I think I did well. Ringkasan & karangan were OK. My KBBR is messy, with lots of streaks.. EEKS.. Blame GEOGRAFI for giving me too much info on pollution & stuff ! I took lots of time to simplify sentences, and this is the very reason I didn`t have time to check my answers for BM2.. After writing the last word, the pengawas peperiksaan [PP for short] said "Put down your pencils bla bla bla" already! Phew. And KOMSAS - was OK, except my last point -- Z berjanji takkan kahwin lagi after B mati as "kasih sayang". [Not sure if it`s PERISTIWA or BUKTI..] :X Still, I have a feeling I can get A.. InshaAllah..

Pend. Islam - InshAllah I can get A.. counted the minimum mark & roughly about 80++ .. Section A was cool, cause I choose Q2 which was easier for me.. The rest is fine, inshaAllah !

BI 1 - Easy as abc :D
BI 2 - No idea why I was a bit blur blur while writing Section A, the essay.. OK, so..THE LAST HALF OF MY ESSAY :

~The policeman offered the boy a ride to school since he was late, & when he entered class, the teacher don`t really believe him but let him go but STILL reported him to the principal.. half an hour later, the boy was sent to the office, seeing the principal & the policeman chatting.. & suddenly the principal said "I`m proud of you bla bla"... ~

I think that part made little sense ? :( Whatever. About Section C, Literature - I chose Raoul & determination but they wanted a GOOD quality.. but y`know, Raoul is like, half-bad half-good..  ? lol. Tawakkal je lah!


SEJARAH - Very easy & straightforward. Doesn`t require much memory. Thank God I had the chance to flip through my books during the last few mins before the exam started..

SCIENCE 2 - OMG OMG OMG! *speechless* Just one thing, I hope they turunkan the graph so EVERYONE can get A!. And thanks to a friend, I just realized the usual CLASSIFICATION question didn`t came out ?! Probably replaced with those TREE REPRODUCTION questions.. SHEEESH!

MT 1 - The easiest I`ve ever did in my Form 3 life. Alhamdulillah. I got 37/40 (: Ugh, those careless mistakes!
MT 2 - Easyyy..

KHB [ERT] - Firstly, I thought all the subjects that we`d take in the evening would be EASY like SEJ, GEO.. but KH, not so ! They go into those little details - processes to jahit this, cook this etc.. Just had to think logic lah! Alhamdulillah for making me to think rational & relate it with stuffs.. I think I can get A.. InshAllah, Amin.. :D

~ So yeah, that`s it. Thanks for reading ! I wonder what you guys think of PMR2010.. ~

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