How it feels to be me.

Honestly.A never-before-read-post.

I shiver when I hear that specific word. Suddenly I`m imagining a grey sky, cloudless.. and sometimes not. HOPELESS, would be the right word.
I have no idea who my real friends are. And I really am not a gang-maker. Nor a gang-joiner/member.

I`m a .. a.. 'penumpang'. Yes, like the money plant. Menumpang di atas tumbuhan lain AKA Epiphytes but not parasites. Or in my case, the 'tumbuhan lain' (host plant) are the gangs that I usually tumpang on... There a few of these gangs, & they`re really nice. But before I tell you that story, let me tell you THIS story.. or should I say, confession ? :X

 Yes, I don`t talk much with people (or as Mum says "expressing my feelings") so I`m more of a listener. Plus sometimes I stutter when talking BM with other people (except my family, I can`t stop talking when I`m with themm!!). My voice would sound rather weird and that is also WHY I`m likely to choose very simple sentences that has words consisting of one, two, three syllables(?)..

Also I almost always talk English with ppl at school cause most of `em are non-Malays. And if I wanna talk to them in their language, well guess what, I dunno their language! Except ofcoz a few basic, common words. SO the solution is to talk in .. surprise, surprise.. English. On another note, my BM is equally good too. Just not much orally.

I`m not funny, I guess. But I do love watching comedies or befriending people that make me laugh SO hard. And trust me, those people, don`t hafta be THAT funny. You see, the people that make me laugh are my mum, aunties, siblings, & even Anna, my best friend (I do hope she considers I`m hers too out of her huge bunch of besties). It`s like every word that comes out of their mouths are hilarious to me ! I`d laugh and laugh until can see my gums. Embarrassing, yes, but it doesn`t matter when I`m with them. They accept me for who I am, as I see it. Long story short, they are people who are close to me. Close to my heart. AKA ngam with me ^^

Believe or not, I used to be really friendly  outgoing during my childhood years, until the day that incident happened. 


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