23rd of December + New Year + 1st Week of School !

OK, I sat for PMR around October last year, (however I still consider early 2011 as 2010 =3= )
& I got the results on 23rd of December, the day my grandma returned from her Sabah 
trip with my uncle. And my cousin Aimi`s birthday..

I arrived at school at about 10.00am, and I could see many eager students 
were already there I didn`t brought my parents/family along, coz I wanted to see my result sorang-sorang. I`ll only tell them my result by sms/call or when I got in the car/home.
As usual , I just walked up to my group of friends & listened to their chattings, yes,
I didn`t really joined in coz well, I DON`T KNOW, I`m shy.. I`m still grateful they`re 
accepting me into their group. Otherwise, a loner I will be :(

Most 3A students got straight As, Alhamdulillah :D After each person had received
their PMR slip, most of the 3A girls were shouting or yay-ing of their friend`s achievement.
Some even shed a tear or two. WOW, EPIC.
However as my turn arrived, I just walked up like a mouse, signed the whatever paper thingie, & took the slip with my usual, SELAMBA & TAKDE perasaan face. I wanted to say something like,
"Awesome!" but it never got out of my mouth. No one actually cheered or anything for me.
Who cares.

The only people that I actually talked to before and after 
receiving the slip was Yi Vien , Hwey Xien& the gang, yes them awesome people. 
HX even hugged me, but I didn`t expected that. But I`m glad she did. Hugs are really 
*special* to me as I don`t get that often with friends. And thank you for anyone who wished
me congrats, sorry if I forgot to say it back or say something that cheered you up if 
ya didn`t get a good result. Was speechless :X 

Ohh, and I saw Pn Thye hugging people who got 8As, but for some unknown reason I was kind of running away from her sight o.O Alas she found me, saw my result slip & hugged me as well. *speechless again* Thanks cikgu, you`re the best BM teacher, EVER :D So you might have known by now that I got straight As, Alhamdulillah. I did came up to my other friends in other classes, most of them were still in their lines, they also congratulated me, so thank you! And, good job guys, your results are awesome too :D

Speaking about hugs, it was very saddening to think that I had no hugging photos of me during my school`s Genting trip. And I was always at the ends of their photos. If you saw me in the middle, the probability is that I was the first photographer, & then exchanged places with the next photographer. And something kinda embarrassing happened at Snow World, for sure it was freeeaking cold, everyone was hugging everyone but I had no one. So dengan malu-malunya I asked a friend, "Can I have a hug?" or something like that :( I was always following them around, and if I was gonna purchase something I had to do it alone. Typical me ke? sadd.

New Year. Didn`t do much, nada to be exact. Heard fireworks and all those
KEBABOOMS only.  And I found out thru FB that my bestie`s dad passed away, & she`s shifting to a convent school in Johor. SO ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY gonna miss ya, Anna :( I didn`t know this on the last day of school, but I`m glad we hugged. Our first and last hug? Hopefully NOT. But but but she`s coming to school next Tuesday to get some documents, bukti hitam putih that`s she shifting etc so YAY :D Hopefully we can meet her lah!

First week of school. I`m in 4A !! One of the Pure Science classes. :D Well, many people (including myself) had asked why I wanted to be in Pure Science considering my ambition is to be a fashion designer? Good question, good question.. My answer:

1. I want to at least know the BASICS of bio, add maths, physics, chemistry 
so that anytime I`m talking about science-y stuffs I would be seen as someone who knows what I`m talking about, not someone who always say, um, "that thingie, this tube thingie.." 
y`know what I mean?

2. I wanna learn for the sake of knowledge, not exams! Never say that it is useless! If you study just for the sake of passing exams, you`ll forget it. Eventhough bio`s not really related
to fashion design, I still wanna study it for fun. Obviously, it`s not like I`m not taking the exam but yeahh, for FUN. :D I hope this #2 reason is not redundant coz y`know, BM karangan for SPM tak layan benda2 redundant nih! huhu

3. Coz of my friends ? Kinda. I have Wani & Fatihah & Angel sitting around me :) And Syasya`s in the next class. Good thing is, this year I don`t feel like menumpang in their group, but rather as a part of it <3 Though they have to get used to my very sloww way of talking, taknak tergagap..

Best of all, I was elected as Ketua Kebersihan =.= Daym! Why me, whyyyyyyyyyy? I must do the jadual bertugas. Ugh, fyi, planning it is the easy part, designing it is the, not so easy part especially when the teacher demanded, "I want this class to be 10x more ceria than last year`s class!". I stayed up until idk-what-time and my panda eyes really terserlah at school? pfft. Nasib baik I pakai spec, boleh cover-cover sikit.

Ohh, lupa nak bagitau, hari tu ade ceramah pasal personality ke ape tah yang dianjurkan oleh pihak kaunseling sekolah. Ya wanna know what my career/personality code is? S-Social A-Artistic & I-Investigative, those are my top personalities? zzzz Social, c`mon,seriously!! @.@ Though I gotta agree on the other two (:

Let`s talk about the new teachers yahh?
Form teacher : Good.. but she`s only teaching Sivik..? :/
BM: She`s alright.. but I miss Pn Thye :(
Physics: No comment.
Bio : She`s quite friendly. The class laughed alot.
Maths/Add Maths: The classes hasn`t officially started yet, so dunno lah. She seems alright.

Idk about the other subjects coz the teachers have not entered the class yet =.=
Surprise, surprise.. the school admins are gonna reshuffle the F4 classes again.. 
according to their PMR result.
Predictably, I felt nothing :X whereas almost every F4 friend is being emo coz
of this.. 

I`m done. Byee x

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