EPIC Bittersweet FRIDAY :X

Hey peeps. 
I believe this will be a very long post, so bear with me puh-lease :DD

 Sooo.. today`s the last day of school before March hols start. 
Yours truly is in such a super duper happy mode, well, who wouldn`t be?! xD 
Best of all, now`s the time to lessen my panda eyes (read: have more sleep!).
However, homeworks just won`t leave me. 


From what I know, I`ll be visiting my hometown this weekend. I`ll be free at home on
Monday & Tuesday (yay - more Internet! xp) .. And I`m not really sure of where 
I`m heading to on Wednesday (or until when) but it`s probably
somewhere in M`sia truly Asiaaaaa :)

OH I also found this on Youtube. Now look at your hand. Seriously.
Just LOOK at it. Then at the picture (lol)  :


*ehem* Moving on to school stuffs, AKA my exam test results :

Malay | 88 A
English | 90 A+ 
Islam | 88 A
History | 90 A+
Mod Maths | 78 A-
Add Maths | -FAILED-
Physics | 69 B
Chemistry | 82 A
Biology | 85 A

Overall, 7As, 1B, 1G =3=
Can`t believe I got highest for BM :O
Alhamdulillah (:

Forwarding to BIO, the last two periods for today -- we carried out
an experiment that required equal length of potato strips & different concentration of
sucrose solution (whatev that is!). Oh-so-fun to do xD 

I <3 using the cork borer (?) to get the strips; it`s like, poking frankenstein`s head with the
nails & pulling it out again ! Would be pretty scary to do it on real humans
-- DIE lo! :P
Summore Cindy exclaimed it was like playing plasticine with the 
acuan .. SO TRUE! :D
Oh how I missed rolling, squeezing plasticine back in the old days..
Not really liking it nowadays, cause it`s stinkayy :X
At the end of the experiment, surely we`ll have to clean up the mess. And
my duty was wiping dry the petri dishes after my groupies washed `em.
Suddenly, a high-pitched BOOOOOOM! Or, uh, CRACK!! was heard. 
A petri dish that I  was wiping dry broke into pieces & fell to the floor! :( 

I just stood there, not knowing what to do, 
my mind was unimaginably full of OMGs..
with a totally freaked out expression on my face! 
At that time, the lab went silent & everyone glanced at my direction.
Good thing though, no sound could be heard from my mouth 
(almost-silent OMGs are exceptional!) unlike some people should something
such as this happen to `em (not saying it`s a bad thing!).. So, hopefully they
don`t have a clue who did it. Cause it`s embarrassing =3=

It was as if a wakeup call when someone told me to sweep the 
broken pieces. I came back to reality and was like, "OK.. ya ya.." & got on to 
work. Teach` also said I should be punished but she forgot to punish me :X 

Throughout the Bio lessons, at times I felt guilty and keep apologizing 
to my groupies ... but at times, I was smiling from ear to ear for getting one of the
highest marks for BIO! There you have it, the weird, weird moi.. :P
Such a bittersweet moment. ehh

Afterwards, I attended the Puteri Islam meeting at the ERT room --
we made steamed chocolate muffins! :D Honestly I had no idea we`re 
gonna cook today.. so yeah, surprise surprise .. =3=  Summore I feared to be alone,
`cause  Fatihah is currently doing small pilgrimage (Umrah) in
Makkah. (So lucky la you!) But it turned out OK. I wasn`t totally lonely.. they
were quite friendly, really.. 

But y`know, 2 cute form1 students kept
staring at me when I came closer to them. I was like "WHAT??!" but in my
mind only larh.. Then the smiling-to-each-other-series started.
Finally I said, "Kenapa?" .. OK wait for it..wait for it..
"Muka akak sebijik macam Ustazah N.. kalau buka spec, memang
sebijik!!" Owh. So that`s the reason. 
Unfortunately, I don`t think so. HAHA :p

 Chocolate muffins -- YUMMY! :) 

Told ya it`d be long! But NOOO, you wouldn`t believe me :X
Now you might hear yourself saying, "Finally, it`s the end~"
LOL Oh yeah all piccas credit to Google.

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