FIN ! Yayyy ;D + Oral + School Issues

                                                           A very cute clown fish :D NEMO!

Har har har. Today`s post is not about fish or fins, silly. FIN means END in French! 
Knew it from TV :D Yesh, my exam is finished. Finished,
I tell ya! WOOHOOOOO!

My exam review (Nowadays, I feel like I wanna review EVERYTHING, lol):

BM - OKAYY. The tatabahasa part was easy, the rumusan wasn`t. 
But Alhamdulillah, the results turned out otherwise ! :D (in another post, kay? 
wanna accumulate `em all first)
BI - Objective questions are okay. The comprehension wasn`t. I thought I 
was screwed but really, NOOO! :) I got a whopping.. OH WAIT
next post ya! :P

Modern Maths - Seems easy enough. But the teach` had been saying our
results weren`t that good :/ 
Add Maths - OH THE HORROR. I think I flunked it. Well yeah, I just learned AM this year. 
What do ya expect?!

Islam - OKAY. InshaAllah I`ll get A :)

History - Was kinda easy for me but "HARD" for others. Probably 
cause I studied like almost gila  for this subject. Took about +- 16 hours.. 
(yes, I counted)

Chemistry - The easiest Science subject  compared to Phy, Bio.. Wonder who`ll mark 
my paper. The pengetua ?! *gulps*

Bio - When I was sitting for it, seemed OK. However yesterday, Bio teach` was 
kinda scolding us on how we answered the questions.. Must be "absent/present"
instead of "have/does not have" !! Daym. I thought that was only applied in
tables =.=

Physics -  Just wanna get A.
Civics - Easy. Too easy. Everyone finished early cause teacher didn`t teach
anything, AND we didn`t touch anything. So mostly everything hentam
LOL! I think I was the last one to finish. Who cares :P
Wouldn`t you know it,  there were questions about us
our own strengths, specialties,weaknesses..
Weird. I could`ve just faked it,
but nahh, I`m too honest :X

OH the school prohibits all teachers to return exam papers until next 
Wednesday `cause some students went for MSSD (some sports thingie) 
practice & they haven`t sit for exam yet!  So, 'smart' teachers will read
out the marks for us, which may embarrass or flatter the
students. T__T


What should I talk about for my English oral ? It`s next week! Thinking of something to do with either fashion, health or self-esteem... 


Y`know what? Nowadays teachers are criticising our class, "so-called 4A, 
not like your seniors at all!"Mainly cause we complained to the headmistress 
that we disliked some teachers bla bla BLA..
Then, it`s like, the whole school is shooting us. UGH.

And I wonder how the 4B can be soo quite. Maybe cause they`re not 
'connected with everyone in their class' yet. Fyi, most 4A has been classmates
since Form2. So can you imagine the bond? :P 
James Bond la now?! jk.



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