Ahahaa. Daisies :')

Everything that happened yesterday at school :D I`d like to add some comments :

Denda for x attending LRS - 5 laps, same like last week. I ran in my baju kurung
as well, but this time, horrible to the max! :O At every corner of the field stood one
 teacher with only revenge in their minds. They would ROARRR at you each time you
 stop in your tracks, even to get some air ! Here`s what I did -- I crouched down &
pretended ( it`s for a good cause) to tie my shoe laces in order for me to not trip
(while inhaling some oxygen)
and embarrass moiself even more in front of everyone (and my class too,
coz it`s next to the field!) :X

Komsas presentation - After the punishment, I felt boneless (LOL!) & super unergetic -
- even to voice out a few words! At one point the feeling of going to vomit attacked me, ughh.
 When Wani presented the synopsis,  I unexpectedly became the `artist`; spontaneously illustrating everything she said point by point on da whiteboard :O ( I didn`t really understand the gist
of the story myself, LOL!)
 Alas it was my turn to present the Nilai & Pengajaran, however my voice, uh..
 let`s just say it`s not music to your ears *cough*sorethroat*cough*

And .. Kotex came to my schoooooool along with the theme, "I KNOW!" :D
Basically about myths VS facts, especially regarding PMS & all that stuff.
Guess who was the VIP speaker ---? DINA from ERA FM!! :DD
Sporting habis !! And the other speaker was Jiji, very funny :D
Freebies were my favourite part -- facial tissues, sample *pads* & one
book all bout girl stuff (off-the-hook graphics!!) Me likey! <3

Up next is, painting water bottle bottoms.. sounds funny to you, eh?

OKAY sorry for the Paint picture. I have no flair for designing graphics, yet! But at
least you understand, right ? That`s good enough for me xD
And of course..

hehehe :P

After we finished painting, I bought a blackcurrant + aloe vera drink from
the drink machine. Being a first timer, I was absolutely clueless T_T But thanks
to Fatin`s instructions, everything went smooothly :D

BUT BUT BUT after finishing it, some of my friends noticed
that my teeth turned PINK :O Awh gosh. Embarrassing much?! T_T

Ahh well that`s yesterday. OH before I forget, I got #15 in class! :D
Why am I soo happy getting nombor belas2 nih? Cause I expected something worse :X

Nampaknya masa mencemburui saya dan saya meminta izin untuk mengundur diri.
Bertemu kita lagi di lain hari, di lain waktu..
Sekian, terima kasih. =)

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