Ape Ape Aje.

Y`know why? `coz my homeworks are usually not done yet on Sunday nights T_T
So kena la berkorban sikit..

Including yesterday, but I seriously had to buy exercise books for several subjects at Popular.. 
So that was an exception xDD Yayy, finally after 4 exercise-less months ! ~
Howeverrr, I only slept about 2 hours since I got home ><

SOO.. BM class was quite F-U-N; teach` seemed to be really bubbly and
Hana`s group presentation of Komsas was DA BOMB. Hana`s illustrations on
da whiteboard were SOO cute & understandable (unlike mine >< ),
and thanks to that, I totally understand the whole prosa tradisional now. :D
It`s a really nice story actually :B

P.S. BM teach` is actually pretty cool when you get to know her x)
My friends & I borak2 with her and at one time she asked about our ambitions.
 I felt awkward to tell mine, "a fashion designer". Suddenly she had this shocked
 expression on her face. I dah agak dah. The next thing she asked me was something
 regarding WHY I CHOSE SCIENCE STREAM & how that dream career of mine
 is not so terjamin?! T_T Here we go again.. Later she added that I don`t really have that 'fashion designer face'.. Wani pulak tiba2 menyampuk (in a good way)
yang I ni muka org yg 'berilmu pengetahuan'... ?!! HAHAH as if. :P

Cakap je lah yang I ni muka NERD :D dah tau dah. heeeee~
Note-to-self : Be prepared to run 5 or 10 laps tomorrow, sapa suruh tak
datang LRS hari ni HAH?!
My plan : Pakai seluar dalam kain baju kurung, dan masa lari tu
angkat kain tinggi2, tayang seluar & lari-lari anak. Harap-harap
menjadi la plan I nih. ><
Dah la kawan yang lain dah bertaubat. Dorang semua datang LRS
hari ni.. alahaiiiiii.

And y`know what? I confidently told a teacher I`m NOT going for LRS. Whyyy?
Nadia represented me, "Dia rela lari 5 pusingan, cikgu! Nak kurus kan badan.." T_T
                                      Let`s just see what happens tomorrow, yahh? :D peace !

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