Baskets out of Newspaper + Random Survey + Denda

On Tuesday LAST WEEK, the Pencinta Alam club members attented a demo 
during school hours which I initially refused to get involved with as I kinda promised
 myself NEVER to miss anything that screams MATHS, or uh, ADD MATHS
in my case :P However, Alhamdulillah, the class timetable has changed and I`m not
 having AM before recess on Tuesdays anymore (for now :p).

Based on the schedule, we were supposed to start at 7.30am but the speaker
arrived at 9++ ! Bengang tak bengang masa tu ! Dalam diam-diam, hatiku berbicara begini, "Who do speakers think they are?! VIPs?!! Well yeah, but don`t be so poyo la please!" ---HEY, that kinda rhymes! :P

The speakers were from Pusat Zakat (If I`m not mistaken).
So firstly, they showcased some handmade baskets & the likes by the asnaf people
 (eligible to accept zakat), SEEMINGLY made out of rattan, but surprise..surprise,
they`re made of PAPER! Newspapers/magazine papers to be exact.
And y`know what? They`re SO pretty (the baskets, I mean) <3

One of the speakers also taught us how to make `em, was a tad confusing at first
`cause the speaker was doing what she`s good at ON A TABLE, while standing, whereas
we, the audience, sat down on the floor. This "education system" does NOT complement each other.

For some unknown reason, yours truly was in a bad mood, sort of. Upon hearing one
of the teachers saying, "For those who cannot see clearly, you may stand up.." , I
stood up impatiently. But embarrassingly, only one or two peeps did the same >.<
Ahh well, I comforted myself, "Who cares.. I`m burning some calories anyway. Standing
up is better than sitting down..blablabla" LOL :X

I also bought these keychains for rm2 each :D Cute, right!

My attempt on making a basket (who I shared with Ifa) kinda FAILED. We
got the base right, but the rest became an utter mess! :P The roll of papers were not
closely-packed with each other, hence terkembang sana-sini , LOL

WHOOP-WHOOP for Wani! `cause she made THREE complete baskets ! :O


God blessed 4A on Thursday `cause we had 5 FREE PERIODS!! Woohooo! And those subjects,
are the subjects we`re not really fond of -- BM, BIOx2, PHYx2 .. hahah xD
And to think we didn`t really have any homework that day made it even better !!

Now folks, the so-called "survey" was done by moi, & it started when I was ordering some
peeps to rearrange the tables & chairs, as I`m the Cleanliness Monitor ^^ Suddenly one of
`em shouted out her very honest opinion on our class decoration, and it`s more to the
negative side :/ sadd.

I kept thinking about what she said. As I laid by butt on the chair, I observed my
 classmates, chatting in their own groups, laughing and all. Do they really like the
 class decoration? Do they?! Or are they just being nice by not sharing their honest
 opinions... hmm.. OK FINE, maybe I`m too penyibuk.
I`m not even the Happiness Monitor (LOL- direct translation!) ..

I did something I didn`t expect I would do! Walking to a few groups confidently & did the
 random oral survey! The script / questions were the same & as they say,
PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT (secara tidak langsung) <3 So I didn`t
stutter at all! At times I felt like a boss, organising  interviews for
wannabe employers :P


This happened LAST FRIDAY. Punishment for NOT attending the Latihan
Rumah Sukan (LRS for short). Fyi, I faithfully attended these LRS when I was in Form1-2.
One day, I was taken aback by the fact that the smartest person in my class
NEVER attented LRS at all! She didn`t even get punished :O So I gave up.
Wasn`t good at it anyway. In fact, I sucked at sports :/

OK OK so we had to run 5 laps around the field :D That`s all-- but Shhh, we students
actually received this punishment HAPPILY cause it`s so FUN xD Summore I ran in my baju kurung.. HAHA :P loads of peeps did !
So yahh byeee x

P.S. I should really start writing shorter posts, as in simplifying my sentences. And this is why,
lovely people, I always exceed the characters I`m supposed to write for my essays (which is good, am able to get higher marks!) :P Frankly,
I`m STILL updating my blog in hope of improving my writing skills :DD
But hey, that`s a speciality =3=

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