Haiyaa... Today I was FORCED to enter the BM essay competition with a few
 others (some volunteered `cause they RELA join the competition than studying BM?!)..
Like WTH. Just `cause I`m Malay, just `cause I didn`t enter syarahan / forum / all
 that stuff my friends joined -- DOESN`T MEAN I`M MEANT FOR ESSAY WRITING!
Especially in competitions T_T

 Yes, I do want to get the certificates for co-curicular activities but I`m seriously
 NOT ready. Why? No plan. No ideas. Nothing for this competition I expected NOT to join ! grr

The thought of saying a firm NO, would bring me more trouble. T_T Who`d dare to
talk back to that teach` after her `transformation` ?! Was shaking my head like crazy
 and ..Can you believe it, I literally CRIED, quitely of course. But not so quite,
 I suppose, as some friends around me said "Janganlah nangis.." It`s that
 obvious, huh?! :/

Teacher said they wanna give a talk about the competition first, so I was like okay, I can take this. Just taklimat , right? No harm in listening .. However, to my BIG surprise, students are already writing their essays quitely when we arrived at the PSS :O We were super duper late. *freaking out* AHHHHHHHH

And then came another BIG surprise -- more 4A students came barging in for the competition, "a herd of cows" -- Anna, I still remember your quote =') .. and again, WTH?! Ahh whatever. I just did my essay regarding "Mengapakah anda perlu menghormati ibu bapa dan guru + kesan jika tidak berbuat demikian" OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. I don`t expect to win, but I tried my best, so if I do win, Alhamdulillah. One more thing, I sure hope I`ll get some certificate for this.. or else, wasting my time only :X

The clock striked 1.40+ pm, and there were only 3 of us left; Jo Yee, me, & some guy from some class. And we finished together. LOL

After grabbing my bag & a stack of books in the class, I rushed to meet Fatihah & Cikgu S for extra Chemistry class. Alhamdulillah I can cope with the stuffs she taught Fatihah when I wasn`t there :)

And she (by she, I meant ME) lived happily ever after. The end~ :P
p.s. Is this a short enough post for ya?! lol

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