Broadcast Yourself.

YOUTUBE is what I`m talking about, people!
I present you, the post I should`ve post ages ago... My Favourite YT Channels of All Times. xD
Not in particular order*

The friendly & stylish hijab guru! Hailing from UK, she does great hijab & makeup tutorials.
 Best of all, her hijab styles ARE wearable and practical for numerous occasions :D Also, she`s
 a BIOLOGY teacher (part-time or not, I`ve no idea!). I wish she was MY Bio teacher,
 would definitely be aweshumm!! Hmm, being a person who loves accents, guess what I <3 her accent! :P

* I think I`ve posted this tutorial sometime ago. But just so u know, it`s one of my faves :p

Of Vietnamese descent, she is a very well-known makeup & fashion guru on the internet.
There`s a lovely charm to her videos; the soothing music, her relaxing but 
clear narrating voice, the creative makeup tutorials and well, the gorgeous
 Michelle herself! ;D Her quote, "Honest, elegant and artistic describes my
videos best" is so agreeable ! She occasionally teams up with stylists 
(Chriselle Lim), hair gurus(Krista) & her family members (Promise Phan)
and honestly that`s very interesting !

*Two of her videos that got me hooked!

The first thing I noticed is that Bubbi is bubbly; fits her nickname ! 
And when she talks, it`s like, she`s talking to you like a best friend
she has never met before! Yeah, you might have guessed, she`s
also a makeup/fashion guru! An ah-mazing one at that!

* Dark circles sucks! :p

The latest channel I love, owned by Bethany! And can you believe
it, she`s just 15?! I`m just one year older and she has waay more confidence than moi! >< *salutes* A very young and talented makeup/fashion guru, I must say!

An awesome GIY (Glam-it-up) video! <3<3 Especially the idea of dying
 the shorts! Imma gonna try that!

The BEST teacher ever for every subject imaginable; BIO, Chem, 
Physics, Maths.. you name it! 
The layout of the videos is definitely one-of-a-kind; a solid black background and 
a wise choice of using different colours to "draw" that could attract 
a viewer`s attention & focus! Clear 
explanations, good pronunciation of the language, relates the topics with 
normal stuff, AND he teaches you as if you`re a FRIEND, not a STUDENT. :D 
I always check up on his videos the few days before exams, and sometimes
 even BEFORE I start studying to get
an insight of certain topics! :DD Have a go, watch a video & I`ll bet
 you`ll get HOOKED!

*The first video that attracted me to watch until now :)

AHH I guess that`s it. Hope you enjoy reading my list ! xD Toodles~

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