A very good evening to all of you, dear appreciated readers.
Here is yours truly, sitting cross-legged, grateful for this wonderful rainy weather that is upon
the citizens of PBP. First of all, I'm most apologetic for not feeding my blog for ages; I do realise how hungry you have been, so AHAH, here you go, bloggie!

You see, Bios (a Latin word) literally means 'life'. And it`s partner, Logos (also in Latin), means 'study'. When you combine `em and make use of your common sense, you`ll get - BIOLOGY ( in other words, 'The Study of Life')!

Such an interesting incident happened on Wednesday regarding an experiment involving ice cubes, starch solutions, salivary amylase (saliva; eww!), iodine and other important materials and apparatuses. You will never be able to imagine
the confusion we had to undergo, especially when we were forced to solely refer
 to the textbook`s procedures. And what did the teacher said in order to help?
Not much, I`d say! Not much that I could hear and digest of; go blame her
 high-pitched monotone!

Long story short, the experiment failed. No results were produced, except from one group,
led by one of the smarties. To add to that unfabulousity, one girl broke the thermometer into pieces, another dropped a few test tubes :/ and, 20 sen worth of ice cubes were wasted.
So, to redo it is, on the next day. As a matter of fact, this second chance had some improvements; most of the groups were more efficient in carrying out the experiment, including ours! However, there was one problem: We forgot to dilute the iodine OH NOOO :O
As one smartie has said, "You are using pure iodine, which is super concentrated. So it`s harder to get the iodine and the mixtures to change colour to
indicate that the hydrolysis is completed!"


Moving on, today is indeed a lovely, lovely Friday ! Celebrating our Chemistry
practical teacher, Cikgu Haya`s farewell partaaaay literally made her broke into tears
. I loved what Nadia has handpicked as a gift for her - a turqoise shawl with janggling
 woody-hoopy stuffs at the hem :D The creative gang took photographs of the whole
 class and Cikgu Haya herself and then made an album out of it with the help
 of Photoscape and colored papers and a ready-made album. Of course,
a party without yummy food is a no-no. With the amount of money collected (a whopping
rm118!), we were able to purchase and dig in a BR ice-cream cake!
I can still reminiscent how the ice-cream melts in my mouth, the fluffyness of
the cake, the crunchiness of the toppings.. err, that`s all I`ve got to describe =3=

Some of the girls + Cikgu Haya --> Memories

The best was definitely saved for last. A free concert by a pro guitarist featuring
 a handful of famous songs, accompanied by the voices of majority of the boys of 4A. And y`know what, the girls sang along to it ! :D Except for me, because I`m honestly not really a fan of music and I don`t know the lyrics at all. You could say I`m outdated, but do I care? NOOOOOOOO. (:

-signing off-

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