YO! I`m updating, ya heard ?! xD

I am now in the midst of a 3 week exam.. And there`s only 3 days left :D
yayyyyyyyy! All I can confess is that -- this exam stresses me out very SLOW.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I don`t
feel stressed at all o.O Abnormal much?

 I hope I`ll get at least a B in Add Maths. Possible? hmmmm. InshaAllah.

Have I told you this before -- me, shopping online, again ? xD
Yesh, first time shopping at getGorgeous. I must say the experience is remarkable! Not much emailing, but they show you the status of your parcel on the website (e.g. "shipping" , "payment accepted" stuff like that); in my account, that is.
The black cardigan I bought is real comfy stuff. LOVE`IT! :D

At times I feel really lonely, especially at schoool ><

Why don`t u just unlock the class before the end-of-recess
bell rings ? I had to stand under the sun y`know, absorbing the
heat and all. Turns out YOU have the key but you`re not unlocking
the class asap. Sorry to say, but that -- sucks.

Haven`t been reading storybooks for awhile, that explains the
lack of descriptive/narrative words in my English essay in exam
last week. The sentences were SOO primary school ! D:
To top it off, the plot of the story is kinda, uh, LAME.
Now I don`t wanna compare my results with anyone else.
Except myself. I don`t care if I don`t get Top 10,
I just want to get all As. InshaAllah Amin !

Okay lovelies, bye x

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