FRIM + Immah Giveaway Winner! + Duty Roster issues.

Hi & As Salaam :)

Tomorrow I`m going to FRIM , Kepong ! :D 
A one-day trip organised by the Nature Lovers club (I'm in it, like duhhh).
As far as I know, there's the Canopy Walkaway & the waterfall.. 
err, yeah I only know that much xD Despite the
 blur case, I'm still ecstatic to say the least! :D Unfortunately, 
one of my good friends who's supposed to go got 
the chicken pox. :( Get well soon, girl!

Alhamdulillah, I won the Capsters 
Giveaway for the Basic Model hosted by HFW :) 

Also, I feel like wanna remake the 4A Duty Roster. Believe me, 
it's hard work.  Especially if you're doing it ALONE &
you`ve got that I'm-too-shy-to-talk-to-guys
attitude in you! =.=

Bye! x

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