Luahan hati. Sudah lama ingin diluahkan. (HAHA that's not dramatic at all!)

*takes a deep breath*

As salaam people (:
The 4A gathering got cancelled..
Some couldn't attend, 
some couldn't decide (hence the 'maybe' RSVP)
and some just didn't bother to answer.
Waiting for confirmation is painful.
It requires patience, no doubt!

The left-overs AKA those attending are [6] girls.
6/40+ How funny could that get!
I was one of them.
I was free, but I never asked
my parents about it.
Until yesterday.
Mum was on the fence, but dad 
kept quiet.
I take that as a no
So I didn't go.

Truth to be told,
I wanted to go shopping more than ever.
Every time we went to malls or supermarkets
I had high hopes of stepping into 
clothing stores, yes
If I were to use my own moolahs,
fine, no problemo, amigo.

Do you know why, peeps?
WHY am I a shopaholic-wannabe?
Alright I`ll tell ya why.
I`ll tell ya!
(skip this paragraph - it has no motive whatsoever)

I once read a friend's blog post,
she just returned home from shopping,
and boy, did she have loads to buy!
I was jealous.
Nahh, more like,
"You're so lucky, lucky, lucky!"

Then, I started getting inspired
by fashion bloggers
 from all walks of life.
Staring in awe at the computer screen
HAHA not
Actually at their outfits.
Imagining their huge closet
and then comparing
it to mine.
I know, I know.
Comparing is not healthy.
But.. idk.. 
I can't help it. :(

Well that's another reason!
Decent enough to look
like a teenager.
A modest, Muslim one, that is.

I feel insulted.
As if my parents treat me like the fattest person ever.
I'm only allowed to wear XXXL stuffs (exeggarating much?)
Dad doesn't allow me to wear jeans. WHY?!

Trust me, I know how to
transform something not-that-modest
to modest
And by modest, I mean really modest!
I just need the appropriate clothes.
But people just don't understand.

And this evening, my whole family 
went to the mall where the gathering was supposed
to be held.
Sunway's huge and exciting.
But I refused to go.
You could say I was kinda sulking.
But most of all,
I think I have lost interest
in shopping.
Temporarily, I hope! :P

Weirdly, I still did some
[window] online shopping today, LOL.
Looking forward to earn my own money,
You bet.
But I still <3 school life.

I'd like to spill the beans to ya.
Fine, it's not really a secret
but nobody knows except Mum.
My idea of shopping is
stepping into each clothing store
that seems interesting
and look around.
If I spot something nice (love at first sight!)
I'll grab it!

But really,
it's hard for me to love loads of things at first sight
Only those special ones I keep
in my heart and bring back home.
That way,
I get to save my money AND
burn calories
Can I hear a WHOOP-WHOOP?

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sue. said...

i love to read this entry my dear....whoop-whoop!