On College & Sun-tan.

Let me put it straight; I was kinda active in 
co-curricular activities in primary school.

I was a prefect  for 3 years (YES, deffo 
moment -- I get that a lot.)
Once I represented my school in sajak
or poem reciting contest (also the youngest participant, 
at the age of 10!)
I faithfully entered perbarisans or marching
for the Red House.. :)
And I think I'm fated to be in the red house
'cause I never changed houses since 
standard 1 ! :O

What else? Ahh yes.
Colouring contests, Islamic quizzes in other 
schools, highest marks for certain subjects..
Top 3 when I was in lower primary..
etc etc..
:D Alhamdulillah.

But somehow, when I stepped into
the realm of secondary school
I thought, "You know what, I'm gonna take a 
LOOOOONG break from all
these unimportant stuff. Wanna focus on

And so I did. The times I went up
the stage to receive something in my hand 
was absolutely countable. 
My lower secondary life flew by fast like the wind.
And currently. I just realized all these
"unimportant stuff" is needed to go to
college / university .__.
Call me stupid.

And unfortunately, most of the
contests I joined recently don't have
certificates. Dang!! ><


Moving on to "sun-tan". I used this term
ever since I took a quiz from totalbeauty. I never get
sunBURNED, but sunTANNED. I never felt
any burning sensation anyway, so alhamdulillah for
that. BUT! The skin tone of my face, when compared
to my neck's, has major difference! ><

I wonder how those super fair people protect their
skin. Like, I have this one friend, she's really fair and she
tells me she never really cared about protecting her
skin, never wore sunscreen / sunblock / hat... 
UGH. *jealous* :P

Btw, any good sunblocks to recommend ? (:

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