Burned my whole Saturday,

..but it was worth it ! xD
So yesterday, my sis was involved in this
inter-school choir competition at
Subang Parade . And
coincidentally,  YE clubs from
loads of school (including mine!) 
held their mega sales there .
Alhamdulillah I got to meet some
friends of mine as we bumped into
each other at MPH :D

They all : Hi Haneenah ! *smiling*
Me : Oh.. hi ! 
They all : Is that your bro ? So cute ! Saw him at the 
hari terbuka the other day ..
Me : Yaa.. my bro..
They all : Come to our stall la *smiles*
Me : Umm.. sudah spend a lot at MPH laa.
 .. *points at the bag-full of books*
*awkward silence*
They all : Umm ok byee! 

First; why did I burst their bubbles with my yapping ?!
And MPH-YE sales don't have a connection at ALL.
Why didn't I ask them stuff like ;

"Are you guys taking a break?"
"Where are the stalls, anyway?"
"Nice shirts!"

D: Seriously, I need to update my unexpected-
conversations skills!
Or any talking skills for that matter.

Moving on, I did manage to go window
shopping with Mum & my baby bro, Ashraf..
I feel really good. :')
Haven't done it for a loong time.
Unless window online shopping
counts, then you can say I do it everyday ! LOL xD

 So at MPH, I bought 2 reference books,
Mod Maths & Add Maths (my 2nd!). Both from SUCCESS,
as they're really awesome, awesome, awesome! :D

Also, I berjaya grab 3 story books, 2 written by Jean
Ure, and 1 Dish series. I just realized "teen books"
don't really appeal to me, like those horror, Twilight stuff.
Or those overdosed love stories. 
Instead, my preferred reads are from the 'Kids Section' .
HAHAHAHAHAH. I am a child at heart, OKAY ? :D
There's not much BM books at MPH,
hence I didn't get to buy any Ain Maisarah-written
books. :(

My outfit of the day was a silky yellow baju kurung with tiny pink
flowers, and a bright pink tudung indon. 
I think it was somehow inspired by BR's theme
colours :B The fact that I wore a traditional attire
to a MALL is that we'll be going to a kenduri 
afterwards .. 

At the kenduri, we received these fruitcake slices as
doorgifts, and my my, 'The Fruitcake Special'
immediately came to mind :D It's a F4 short story, fyi !

The kenduri cum reunion took foreverr!
Then we stopped by PKNS,
and purchased some brooches.
Mine was a grey, rose-shaped brooch.
Quite nice, I must say!

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