I got this brainstorm at school.

I kinda dislike sitting  really in front of the teacher. 
Or teacher's TABLE, if you wanna be more specific!
Yeah yeah, it's cool that you can chat with the
teacher, which is good for teacher-student relationships,
and you get to personally ask questions to the
teacher on stuff you don't quite get.
On the down side, you have NO PRIVACY.
Isn't that obvious?!
Let's say you wanna practice your English,
or BM, or whatever language with your
friend.. provided that you always speak manglish! :p
and then the teacher keeps
spying you guys' talk and stares at you
as if you're a MORON. =='
SO not cool. 
It worsens especially when you wanna share
secrets, no ?

Soo, in my humble opinion,
the best place to sit is perhaps
the 2nd, 3rd row and under the fan.


I <3 my school canteen. It definitely
is a food heaven for a foodie like moi!
Once the bell rings indicating "It's recess
time!!", without hesitation I jump off
my chair like a ninja & kinda ran
to the canteen!! :P
I'd be on top of the world when
I spot the words 'Yee Mee' or 'Mihun Tomyam'
on the menu. My usual "BOOYAHS!" in 
my mind doesn't do it justice .__.
Too bad, I don't have a partner-in-crime 
when it comes to loving the canteen..
Thus, I usually eat alone. But I don't care :D


Group assignments ARE fun, but it's no fun
anymore when you don't have the 'group' in
'group assignments' .. I struggle to find
groups for assignments and I'm really
appreciative & grateful when any group is willing
to tumpangkan me, for the past how many years..

OKAYYY That's all peeps. Bye x

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