Boredom leads me. I found you :')

Assalamualaikum :)
Lazy me just wants to list out what's going on in my life now, hehee :
# I've just finished my final exam for this year!
By that I mean, THREE WEEKS

# I'm more on Facebook now,
however I came to the conclusion nobody ever reads my incredibly
long statuses. Therefore, I shall resume on my 
blogging ;DD

#Y'know what? 'Sahara desert' is actually redundant! 
It means Desert Desert. LOLL xD

#Thinking of changing the layout of 
mah blog. Gradually of course!
I super love modern Maths now. I shall replace 
the heading of my blog with probably my 
least fave subject(s).. It IS supposed to be an 
affirmation anyway, right? :D

#I'm craving for a brand new pair of specs! 
The one and only pair 
that I own now is like, soo OLD. xP 
Also considering
photochromic lenses, y'know, the ones that turn 
darker when exposed to UV rays..

#My fave subjects are Mod Maths, Bio, Sej, Agama. Well, currently.


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