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Lolita Inspired Everyday Look

Deepest apologies for the slight mess of the layout. An original lolita costume translated into your simple everyday wear. Bow clips instead of huge bow headbands; looks more wearable and not so overpowering. Highlight of the makeup is the blush & dolly falsies for that innocent look. Red colour used into the gorgeous oxford booties. A frilly skirt with subtle lace details matched with white tights. Drapey light blue top tucked in the skirt, all topped off with a loose, laidback kimono cardigan. A quirky bag with printed music notes for extra cutesy. Also a simple but nice black and white necklace.
Casual Cool :3

A classic checkered shirt in red paired with a white long-sleeved shirt underneath. Flare jeans as bottoms, preferably in blue. Medium brown ankle boots, to give the whole outfit an earthy feel. A black beanie as well as a black scarf draped across the neck and chest. The look is completed with a pop of red earrings and a glamourous Hello Kitty carry bag.
Peter Pan Rugged Up

Peter Pan-inspired collar of the dress rugged up with folded khaki chinos and Dr Martens booties. Earth-toned makeup applied. Fringed bag to add funkiness. Green watch as a pop of colour as well as pastel-hued bangles to complete the look. Looks best with short hair, I reckon!
Raya Raya Back-Up

Raya Raya Back-Up by chillax0x featuring clutch hand bags

 In case you've missed out on your Eid  shopping (probability of that happening is very low! LOL), want to experiment with other apt outfits for Eid besides the infamous traditional attires, or perhaps an unplanned incident and you need to change into a new set of clothes ASAP, this is the set for you! :P 

Your casual polka-dotted skirt can be matched with a simple thigh-length purple blouse to create a modern Baju kurung ala outfit. Be bold in mixing colours, patterns and textures - this IS the day to go all out and not ending up being called a rainbow, y'know. Drape a silky pink scarf as your hijab.. Wear contrasting coloured-shoes to your outfit (in this case the purple blouse).. Stick to neutral hues for other accessories such as the unique postcard-printed clutch bag. This is entirely optional, but why not put on mega huge nerd glasses?! They're cute <3 hahahs.

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