First Dayssss.

First Day of School in Form1
 - I came late. Fashionably late :P
- The last one to go home -.-
- I sat beside Nadiaaaaaa cause she was like the only classmate I knew [and were sorta close].
- Was still new to the idea of doing indexes in exercise books lol
- Felt so stressed. My classmates were freakin' smart. 

First Day of School in Form2
- I was an oddball, and there was also another oddball, Kanjana AKA Anna.
- I sheepishly asked if we could sit beside each other. And we did =D
- The class teacher, Mrs Maizatul, is super friendly and nice ^^

First Day of School in Form3
- There was a random reshuffling of students, most of the students got mad especially those who deserved to be in the top classes.
- I knew that teacher would be my class teacher, my instincts told me :P However I thought she was gonna teach me Maths but nahh, English. [which I looove!]
- First, the class teacher arranged our seating positions based on our HEIGHTS, lol. I'm quite short myself so I sat like really in front of the teacher's desk!
- I've sat beside SW, Fatihah, Anna.. and lots more peeps, I can't remember. Sorry :X

First Day of School in Form4
- I'M REUNITED WITH MAH FRIENDS, thanks to our PMR results! :DD
- I think I made  a good impression of myself 'cause I was talking a lot and so the class teacher chose me as the Cleanliness Monitor. Dammit. [In the next few months she realised I wasn't cut for the job, so the fault's on you, teach! MUAHAHAHA. Jk!]
- Really happy to study around my friends ;)
- I sat in the second horizontal row, next to Wani, in the vertical row nearest to the door.

First Day of School in Form5
- It is today, folks.
- I sat in the FIRST horizontal row, in THE FIRST vertical row, and again, NEAREST TO THE DOOR. Also beside Wani :D
- I missed my FIRST MOD MATHS class! :(
- Spent almost the whole day doing SPBT stuffs, which was fun but frustrating at the same time =3=
- I missed my first BM lesson. My friend told me I was lucky to have escaped. HARHAR
- I didn't go for recess. Blame it on SPBT. LAPAR GILER.
- Almost appointed as Cleanliness Monitor again. Fortunately, the teacher saw my stressed-out face and kinda-cursing mouth so yeah, I'M SAFE!
-But I just made a bad impression of myself, being weak and stuttering and all. DANG.

See ya later :D

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