Assalamualaikum :3 Cameron Trip!

It's been a long time, hmm?

Recently my family and I went to visit Cameron Highlands, in Pahang. It's one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia (besides Genting Highlands!) people go to escape from the hot and humid weather of the lower areas *cough*KL*cough*. 

In other words, it's freeeeeeezing. Only in the morning and night, though!

A sweet and short video about Cameron Highlands; have a looksy! ;)

Get this; the last time I went there was like,
 SIX YEARS AGO?! Hahaha. I really missed that school trip! :(


Alright, we headed to CH on Sunday in the very early morning, 
just when the sun started to rise and shine, saying hi to a new day.
Well, not really 'cause the plan was postponed to the afternoon. 
After who knows how many hours in the car (can't you tell I was snoozing the whole time?)
we arrived safely at the hotel :)
Luckily we packed some snacks to munch on! nomnomnom
And lots of time to witness nature's beauty :)

Moreover, there was a funny incident at the front of the hotel. 
We were patiently waiting in the car eating cheese sandwiches while 
Dad settled with the payment whatever, when suddenly
Mum spotted some random guy walking out of the building wearing calf-length boots,
a bomber jacket with a thick muffler wrapped warmly around his neck... AT 4-5PM!

He's probably a local.
Who rarely experiences cold weather. So, I forgive him for being a bit
of a jakun. :P Some more, I saw foreigners only wearing t-shirts and shorts at the
same time as that guy.Can you spot the difference?! For foreigners,
CH weather in the evening is NOTHING to them!

The first thing we ate at the hotel was maggi. Yeah, those instant noodles perfect
to be eaten to warm yourselves in cold weather ^^
My favourite by far, is TomYam. TomYam is yumyumyum. lol

Well anyway, as dusk approached, I, MYSELF, 
who was already sporting long pants and a long-sleeved top, grabbed my 
cardigan and a pashmina. To wear INSIDE the hotel room.
Even without switching on the aircond/fan. 
(I bet the hotel didn't even have those, but who cares, natural aircond is better)

Unexpectedly, I came up with a quite decent hijab style. HAHAHA, that's a first!
I usually prefer to wear slip-on hijabs, y'know.

Moving on, that night The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian was on Disney,
so we watched it :D That's also the reason why we dined out late (besides the fact there was STILL a massive traffic jam, oh yeah we can see it from our hotel) ><

THE night market was to blame. What do you expect, it's a weekend. Traffic jam lor.
Despite being mega late and searching for restaurants
 like crazy (sempat tidur lagi hee), we finally found a
steamboat restaurant, Alhamdulillah. The steamboat was nice. 
Again, yummy Tomyam. <3
 Initially we ordered rice too, but they forgot to serve D:<
Don't care lor, it's not good to eat simple carbs at night anyway.
IT WAS 12-1AM, btw. 

Before that, we walked on feet from restaurant to restaurant but they were either
closed, out of food stock, or too many customers.
I regretted not bringing the windbreaker jacket. :(
I spotted very interesting oufits as well from other tourists.

1. A hijabi wearing a bright red, knitted beanie with a knitted circle scarf around the neck
in the same colour, also a dark leather jacket, and the rest of her outfit is toned down with neutral colours.
Very stylish.

2. A lady wearing fuzzy slippers, tights, and mega huge fur jacket. Maybe a bit OTT? Idk.

3. Some people wearing capri pants and short sleeves! How can you let the cold wind touch your bare skin?! I can't imagine that. Maybe they have blubber. Like polar bears. *SHRUGS*

I braced the night wearing 3 layers of clothing (all long-sleeved)
and a scarf around my neck. 
I forgot to bring socks. HARHAR. Oh hotel, where's the heater?!


 I know what you're thinking, "MONDAY?! You skipped schoool?!"
Well, no. It was Maulidurrasul that day. #publicholiday

Ahem. The morning was cold, duh. Water was freezing cold, duh.
I had milk and cookies. HEHEH 

After checking-out and having lunch, we wandered around CH. It was our last day there
after all. First off, we went shopping for clothes :) What took them so long? T_T I'm just saying this cause I didn't find any that I liked. :P 
Next, to this big shop selling all sorts of CH-ish things
About 7 boxes of tea, we bought! LOL I finally found one nice shirt, with puffed sleeves and simple floral designs. <3 The other things we bought - strawberries, chocolates, dried fruits, random stuff. :B
And then we went up the hill to the Healthy Strawberry Farm, if I'm not mistaken. Wait, aren't all strawberries healthy? LOL We wanted to self-pick the strawberries but there's not much left on the farm. Plus it's more expensive to self-pick. 

So anyway, we ate lots of food there, strawberry-related.
 Strawberry smoothie, strawberry waffles, strawberry milkshake,
and normal strawberries just to name a few :P 
We ordered multiple times too, there were THAT good.
Their home-made strawberry jam is a must-try!

I think our CH trip ended there. We slept over at Grandma's, which is on the way to home sweet home that night. We started the journey for home early in the morning, before dawn. The most frustrating thing is, WE FORGOT TO BRING THE FRESH STRAWBERRIES WITH US! Noooo..


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