Hi everyone :) Feels so different updating the blog using iPad.. Well there's a first time for everything! 4-5 months till SPM. 1 month till trial exam. 1 week till Test 2 AND the Chemistry quiz. *freaking out* I still don't know how to study consistently, like everyday. I must get over my shyness, to ask questions on things I don't quite get. Here's my plan for productive weekdays inshaAllah: 1.30pm: Arrive home from school 1.30-2.00pm: Lunch, toilet, pray Zuhur 2.00-3.00pm: Finish up my homework. If I ain't got any homework, I should start studying already. 3.00-4.00pm: MARA CLARA! Filipino drama :D 4.00-5.00pm: Continue doing homework/study/exercises, snacking, Internet, toilet, pray Asar, read Quran 5.30-7.30pm: STUDY. Duhhh. 7.30-8.00pm: Toilet, pray Maghrib. 8.00-9.00pm: Dinner, pray Isyak. Study some more :B 9.00-10.00pm: Usually there's Masterchef Selebriti on tv. But since the upcoming episode is the finale, Idk what else to do at this time.. Yet. Lol 10.00-11.00pm: Study for tomorrow's subject/exercises/watch YouTube videos. 11.00pm-5.30am: Toilet, sleep 5.30am: recite Surah Yasiin 6.00am: Get ready for school #I use the Internet to study, since I don't go to tuition :) so yeah I do watch YouTube videos, basically to study. And browse blogs. So the environment is a bit relaxed? :P #You might think, whoaa don't you have breaks?! All that studying could wear you out! But the thing is, I must over-crowd my jadual because if I plan to study for 10 hours, I might only study for 5 hours.. *distractions* Till then, Assalam xx

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