A Tip To Gain Rewards While Browsing The Net :)

Assalamu 'Alaykum (peace be upon you) 

Do you want extra pahala? :D Here's a tip (if you know it already, consider it a reminder):

While surfing FB/Twitter etc, play Quran recitations as your background music. 

Or any songs that remind you of Allah. I recommend Maher Zain's, Zain Bikha's, and the likes.

Or even good podcasts you can find on youtube. Like this one from Yasmin Mogahed:

If you're on iPad, use the iQuran app.
If you're on your laptop/PC, you can use quran.com :)

Dengar ayat Quran je pun dah dapat pahala tau.
Semoga telinga-telinga kita jadi saksi pada hari akhirat yang kita selalu dengar Quran & perkara2 baik je. Amin!

Selamat beramal ♥
May Allah have mercy on us :)

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