Easiest Healthiest Cookie

Assalam and hello everyone :D
I've been meaning to make these cookies for ages! 
However I didn't succeed in finding the perfect type of bananas. 
That is, until yesterday ;-D

My Ummi says the perfect one is pisang berangan 
'cos it's slim and sweet. lol
I found the cavendish type at Tesco's yesterday. 
Don't know what it's called in BM,
 but Ummi said lebih kurang le tuuuu~

So after breakfast I finally made them yeeeeeayyy :D

I got the recipe from this video, thanks blogilates:

I followed the exact recipe and I think it tasted okay to me.
My taste for cookies is crunchy and chewy, not soft and chewy.
'cos soft cookies taste just like baked flour to me.
but hey, this ain't flour ;)

So I suppose it's for you guys who like soft mushy cookies..
or maybe it wasn't crunchy 'cos I chose the microwave option?

All them cookies kept in a container.

Forgive me for not being able to make perfect circular cookies :C

The inside of the cookie.

Feel free to make variations; some people added cinnamon and honey
but I ran out of them so I added only raisins.

I guess this could be a healthy breakfast cookie when you're on the go. 1 big banana + 1 cup oats = 12 cookies.

If you're still not sure how it tastes like, my Ummi says it's like the inside of cekodok pisang covered with oats. LOL or just slightly harden oats glued together.


Thanks for reading,

Ma'as salama (see you soon!)

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