OOTD - Artsy Swish

Assalam and hey there everyone! :)
Since today's Saturday I figure lots of people are heading out to the shops
running errands, shopping or something like that.
Here's an outfit I would wear:

Headband : DKNY
Maxi dress : Archive
Geek girl crop top : IdentiTee
Slouchy cardigan : Stardoll
Sneakers : Bizou
Tote : Bizou

Comfy footwear plays a huge role since
 you'll be walking everywhere! A light tote to keep your essentials. 
Hair tied up in a messy bun to keep things simple. Throw on a big slouchy 
cardigan in a neutral colour to cover what needs to be covered ;)

Makeup is to enhance your features, not hide it.
 That's why I decided to go minimal this time. 
I just applied a little eyeliner and curled the lashes to open up the eyes 
for a fresher look. White eyeliner applied in the inner corners 
of the eye to reflect light. Blush is a must, 
finished off with a little lip gloss. 

~ Luxe Lipgloss
~ Sephora Lengthening Mascara
~ Sephora Black Eyeliner
~ Sephora White Eyepencil
~ Sephora Blush

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