OOTD - Blue & Yellow

Assalam and helloooo :D

Today's makeup is pretty much the same as yesterday's except that I changed the lip colour and darken the eyebrows a bit :)

I suppose this look has that earthy feel to it 
due to the brown madness and I think it's extremely versatile; 
you can wear it for casual or formal events depending on your outfit.
 I seriously love the doe-like eyes, so innocent-looking! hehe
 Let me know what you think! 

Ze look is created with:

~ Sephora Blush
~ Sephora White Eyepencil 
~ Luxe Lipgloss
~ Sephora Black Eyepencil
~ Sephora Black Eyeliner

And of course ze outfit:

Studded beret : Bizou
Bow blouse : Elizabeth & James
Checkered blouse : Hannah Montana
Jeans : Stardoll
Flats : Fudge
Bracelet : Stardoll
Bag : Decades

I love how the beret gives an artistic vibe, slightly edgy.
Loose-fit jeans FTW! Super modest and hijabi-friendly!
The whole outfit is basically very muted but 
thanks to the bag and checkered blouse for giving that pop of colour! ^^

I'd say this outfit can be categorized as semi-formal; just lose the checkered blouse! 

Till then, take care C:

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