OOTD - Head to Toe White

Assalam and ihola!

Today's Sunday and everyone's basically enjoying the most out of their time at home before
the Monday Blues attack.

At home you just reach for whatever in your closet and 
you just don't care whether they matched well or not. 
And somehow I decided to go all white today lol

Owl Tee : Unknown
Pants : Stuff by Hilary Duff
Bunny slippers : Pretty n Love
Bracelet : Stardoll
Nerd glasses : Spectacular

      I could care less about styling my hair 
so BAM! mega big just-woke-up hair. 
A little lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara.
And instead of white eyeliner on the inner corners of the eyes
I used a white eyeshadow instead.

#Tip: Don't have time to apply eye makeup?
Just wear those uber cool geeky glasses.

Look created with:

~ Dot White Eyeshadow
~ Sephora Lengthening Mascara
~ Sephora Black Eyeliner
~ Luxe Lipgloss

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